Even a simple buttercup plucked from the side of the road delights us in a way that few other things can.

While wildflowers are less formal and expensive than long-stemmed roses and orchids, they can be just as colorful, graceful and dramatic. You can pick them yourself or hire a florist like Sarah Jo Willey owner of Creative Muse Floral in Vermont. We fell in love with her unique wildflower bouquets during a photo shoot and consequently had to feature her in this blog post.  Her sustainable approach also won our hearts as many of the flowers she uses are organically grown and fertilized by an onsite cow farm at Raven Ridge Farm in Enosburgh, Vermont

It is important to plan your wedding date around the season when your favorite wildflowers are in bloom. From daisies and heather to hydrangeas and lavender the ideas are endless.Wildflowers can be used in all of your bouquets, sprinkled on the tables, placed in buckets, or planted around the wedding arbor in your yard and left there to grow back year after year. We hope the unique bouquets we selected will inspire you. 

1. A stunning bridal bouquet of butter cream roses, astrantia, poppy pods, grasses, yarrow, sweet peas, and succulents.

Creative Muse Floral Bouquet

“I loved doing this bouquet!!” – Sarah Jo from Creative Muse Floral

 2. Sarah Jo has an eye for mixing color and texture,
pairing wildflowers with organically farmed flowers, 
and simply ties them with a ribbon. Just beautiful! 

Wildflower wedding Bouquet

Creative Muse Floral Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

3. A small yet vibrant and bold Black Eyed Susan bouquet is perfect for a late summer wedding in Vermont.

Creative Muse Wildflower Bouquet Black Eyed Susans

Wildflower bouquet by Creative Muse mixes in Black Eyed Susan’s

4. This sap bucket is full of a cheerful melody of Bee Balm, Lilies and Sunflowers. Surly it will welcome your guests when they arrive. 

Creative Muse Floral bucket of wildflowers

Creative Muse Floral bucket of wildflowers

5. We saved our favorite for last. Sarah Jo created this romantic and ethereal wildflower bouquet to match our Farfalla butterfly embroidered wedding dress.  As a florist and designer she truly captured the spirit of this gown. 

Bohemian butterfly wedding dress

Wildflower bouquet by Sarah Jo Willey. Photo by Justin Larose. Butterfly embroidered wedding dress by Tara Lynn.

From our earliest days, we roamed the fields and the urban alleys collecting California Poppies and Black Eyed Susan’s. We created garlands for our hair and clutched crumpled bouquets tight to our chest as we walked down the aisle toward our “betrothed” practicing until the day when “the one” will be standing at the end of the aisle.

And while we have grown and our ideas and tastes may have changed, many of us still remember fondly our first wildflowers of love.