A Custom Lace Wedding Dress


The Making of A Custom Alencon Lace Wedding Dress


 1. The Sketch

Tara Lynn sketched Renee a custom lace wedding dress during her consultation. Renee described what she wanted; a strapless open back wedding dress. Something form fitting with a soft trumpet flair that became more dramatic in the back. After Renee approved the sketch Tara Lynn went to NYC to find the perfect lace for Renee. She approved a beautiful Alencon Lace for her wedding dress. Alencon lace is most noted for a delicate mesh with floral motifs outlined with cording and is named for the city in France which it originated.

Custom Designed Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn

2. Designing and Draping

A dress form was padded to match the customers measurements. Then using style lines on the form muslin was draped and all the styles lines marked. The lines on the muslin fabric were then transfered to a paper pattern.

custom made wedding dresses by Tara Lynn Bridal

3.Making the Pattern

A paper pattern was drafted from the draped muslin fabric. Then the dress was cut out of muslin, sewn together and pined on the form to check the fit. Then it is adjusted for the first fitting.

Custom fit wedding dress by Tara Lynn Bridal

4. First Fitting

Often the first fitting is made in the real dress fabric because we like to see how the fabric moves, drapes and falls. For this gown a hemp silk satin layer was made to go under the Alencon Lace. During her first fitting the sample was pinned and the adjustments made were transfered to the paper pattern. Sometimes another dress will be cut for the finished gown.


Custom made Wedding Dress Vermont

5. Cutting The  Pattern

When working with Alencon Lace the pattern pieces are pinned together and the lace is laid over the top of the pattern pieces. Then the edges of the lace are cut wider than the pattern and cut meticulously around all of the full flower motifs.  The layout is very intentional so that the lace motifs will alternate as the seams overlap from front to back.


6.  Hand Sewing The Lace

An Alencon Lace Wedding Dress is seamless. Each seam is sewn by hand carefully overlapping the floral motifs. The hand stitches catch the corded floral motifs to the netting and as they overlap the underside is carefully trimmed away. Making a custom lace wedding dress can take well over 200 hours. It is a labor of love that requires much planning, skilled craftsman ship and attention to detail.



Tara Lynn took this photo, courtesy of the bride. You can see the beautiful texture, seamless lace details, a perfect fitting gown and a very happy bride on her wedding day wearing a gorgeous custom made lace wedding dress.

custom lace wedding dress by Tara Lynn

Renee and Michael were married atop Hoisington Farm in Hartland, Vermont followed by a cocktail hour and reception at their favorite hang out spot, Skunk Hollow Tavern. A fantastic live jazz/blues band played throughout the evening.

Renne custom ordered two gowns. A sweet silk chiffon, strapless, knee length wedding dress for her ceremony. Then a custom lace wedding dress with an open back for her reception. The lace was seamlessly hand stitched, each floral motif intentionally placed.  The lace lay over hemp silk satin and was lined with organic cotton.

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