Tara Lynn

Price range: $1,000 – $15,000
Materials: Hemp, silk, cotton (organic & conventional), and bamboo
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Tara Lynn offers both custom-made dresses (which are completely unique to you) as well as made-to-order dresses (which are made for your size using a pre-made design)

Absolutely perfect for the true nature-lover, Tara Lynn’s dresses are incredibly unique. (Tara has actually been creating custom eco-friendly wedding dresses since 1999.)

You can either choose a dress from one of her Woodland, Goddess, or Starlight collections, or you can request a completely custom wedding dress in which Tara gets to know you and comes up with a one-of-a-kind design that’s unique to you. Tara offers both ‘non-traditional’ designs with colors, flowers, and butterflies, as well as more ‘traditional’ solid white or off-white designs.

She also offers bespoke hemp suits for the masculine members of your wedding party!