How to Order

How do I place an order?

To place orders please contact Tara Lynn directly. You may  fill out our contact form or call  802-467-9036 Tuesday – Friday, 10 am to 6 pm EST. Let her know a little about what you are looking for and the date of your event. The first thing we need to do is make sure there is ample time to fill your order.

Everything at Tara Lynn is made to order and made in house at our studio in Sutton, Vermont. Please feel open to ask questions about custom wedding dress orders, sizes and style modifications.

When should I order my wedding dress?

Please try to place your order 6 months to a year before before your event date. We love when brides and grooms book their orders at least one year in advance.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Tara Lynn Bridal accepts cash, checks, money orders and credit card payments. We accept online credit card payments. Once you are ready to place your  order we will provide you a user name and pass word to access our secure payment page.  All gowns and suits are made to order. Please note: Tara Lynn Bridal does not offer refunds. All payments are nonrefundable. We will provide you a legal contract that guarantees delivery of your order. We are also happy to provide references for you. We want you to feel nothing but excited about your order so please feel free to ask us lots of questions so that you are comfortable with placing your order. In some cases we accept deposits and other cases we require full payment up front. 

What clients love about working with Tara Lynn.


“Thanks so much for your focused time… You were so helpful and dedicated to me and my questions and ideas.  I understand so much more about what’s involved in dressing a bride now than I did when I first contacted you.” – Nelia Dwyer, Vermont

You have a chance to be a part of creating your wedding dress. Tara Lynn will listen to what you want. She is making a gown for YOU and it is easy to tell her what you like, what you do not like, and how you want to wear it.  Tara Lynn wraps her mind around each individual customer when she is designing. When you order a custom size or dress with embellishments, Tara Lynn will send you sketches and photos of the development. You can view all the images in a private client portal on our website, share them with friends and request changes through every step of the way.

Who makes my wedding dress or suit and where is it made?

Tara Lynn and her design team will make your wedding dress or suit right here in our Vermont fashion house. All of our unique wedding dress designs are exclusive to Tara Lynn Bridal. We are experienced professional designers, pattern makers and seamstresses. Tara Lynn is also a certified tailor and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She has a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design and has been making custom clothing since 1999. Each garment is made to order. We cut each order individually and accurately. We measure as we work and hand draft every custom sized pattern to assure for accuracy in fit. Tara Lynn will be present at your fitting and guide you during the process. Tara Lynn and her team create all the personalized art work by hand and work with you one on one to make sure you love every detail every step of the way.

What size wedding dress should I order?

Tara Lynn will help you decide what size dress to order. We will request your measurements and photos of you.  You are required to visit a local seamstress or tailor to get measured. Then we compare your measurements with our dress sizes and will recommend the size closest to you. Or we can custom make a wedding dress to fit you.  All dresses are cut and hemmed to your desired length. Custom sizes are an additional $1000 and include three in-house fittings.  It is also helpful to talk to Tara Lynn about style options, body type, modifications etc.

How many fittings should I expect?

It depends on the wedding dress you order. If you order a standard size in a dress from our collection we will ship you a finished dress and expect you to visit a local tailor for alterations. If you order a custom size wedding dress from our collection we include up to three fittings but most of the time one – two fittings is sufficient.  Custom designed wedding dresses or couture orders, especially a designer lace wedding dress, will include 3 – 5 fittings. Our contract will explain fittings in more detail.

Should I plan a trip to Vermont for my fitting? 

Of course! When clients come to Vermont for their fittings they say it is like a vacation. To get the best fit, we recommend coming to Vermont for your fitting when you order a custom size or custom designed wedding dress. However it is not mandatory as we are accustomed to shipping wedding dresses all over the world.

If you are considering the trip we encourage you to read our post about visiting Vermont. Client’s are energized by the experience and the creative process. You will be amazed at the boxes of vintage trims and buttons. Our fashion house is a naturally lit, elegant space nestled in the trees and surrounded by a huge outdoor playground.  Located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, named that for it’s incredible landscape, you might venture out into the mountains for a hike or snowshoe, ski, snow board or visit the beautiful lakes, or bike the Kingdom Trails between fittings. 

We love getting to meet our awesome clients and the creative time we spend together during the fitting process.  When we are all done with your fitting and if you have time before you leave we’ll catch a bite, a drink and gather round a fire.


Staying in touch, What is My Client Portal?

We built our website to include a personal client portal so we can keep in touch with you and feel closer to our clients that live far away. When you place a custom order we will send you a personal login to access your own private client portal on

In your private client portal you can:

  1. View images of your wedding gown development in a gallery
  2. Make secure payments
  3. Share your client portal with friends and family

Does Tara Lynn Bridal offer alterations?

Yes, at Tara Lynn Bridal we do offer select alterations services for more complex garments like gowns and suits. Be sure to contact us well in advance. Tara Lynn Bridal also makes custom accessories to go with your wedding dress or suit, i.e. veils, little hand bags, an embellished belt, ring pillows,  pocket squares for the groom and even garter belts.  For alterations,  please give Tara Lynn  a call at 802-467-9036 and make an appointment.  We are located on Route 5 in Sutton, Vermont about 1/2 hour north of St. Johnsbury.


Would you like to work with Tara Lynn?

“I will capture your spirit in a truly unique wedding dress
& delight you with genuine customer service.”

– Tara Lynn