Seahorses and Starfish Encrust This One of a Kind Sea Life Wedding Dress

The seascape includes an embroidered and beaded octopus and a sparkly jellyfish. 

Custom Embroidered Wedding Dress
Sea Life Wedding Dress
embroidered wedding dress by Tara Lynn

“Everyone loves my dress I’m still so in awe from it and can’t stop looking at photos.” Alicia W.


Custom Wedding Dresses by Tara Lynn Bridal

Wedding day photos by @redbankstudio 

Printed Wedding Dress


The bodice of Alicia’s wedding dress gets sew together and then block printed. The prints were hand carved. Then the bodice is taken apart and pressed. The chiffon pieces are cut and basted over the printed panels before the bodice is resewn together again. 

Each species is hand drawn and hand embroidered on silk organza. The animals are then cut out and hand stitched onto the bodice of this custom printed and embroidered wedding gown. 

sea turtle
Sea Turtle
The octopus
Starfish wedding dress by Tara Lynn
The Dragonfly
Couture Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn
Sea life wedding dress by Tara Lynn
Sea Life Embroidered

Left are some images from the web I used for inspiration. I also watched the wonderful movie My Octopus Teacher a few times while working on this piece.

The embroidered cardinal on the right is symbolic of the bride’s late father. I stitched him close to her heart, nestled in a beach plum branch, a native species of the bride’s home state of New Jersey.

Cardinal Embroidered
custom made wedding dress by Tara Lynn

“When I went to king cleaners per your suggestion the woman said it was one of the most amazing dresses she had ever seen!” Alicia W.

Wedding day photos by @redbankstudio

sea life wedding dress
Custom Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn
Bow Ties for Dogs

And of course no wedding party is complete without mans best friend. There were 4 male dogs and 3 female dogs in this wedding party and they were all dressed for the special occasion. Hemp silk collars with teal silk bow ties. The female dogs had big fluffy pink bows that matched the grooms tie.  

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“I will capture your spirit in a truly unique wedding dress & delight you with genuine customer service.”

– Tara Lynn