An Heirloom Wedding Jumpsuit

Made from the lace of their mother’s wedding dress.

This heirloom wedding dress converts into a wedding jumpsuit. The bodice of mom’s wedding dress was carefully deconstructed and used to craft a new bodice for the modern bride.


This post is still under construction but we couldn’t wait to share photos so please enjoy what we have so far. Thank you. 

Custom made wedding jumpsuit

“I want to wear something I won’t have to worry about while I’m dancing my butt off.”  – Jen

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Jen wanted a dapper ensemble but she also imagined walking down the aisle in a traditional ball gown. She/they wanted to use the lace from her mother’s wedding gown. We worked together during the consultation to design a convertible look that fit Jen’s body and personality as well as incorporated the lace from the heirloom wedding dress from 1987.

Custom wedding dresses made in Vermont
heirloom wedding dress redesign
heirloom wedding dress redesign

What we came up with is a custom made heirloom wedding jumpsuit with a detachable ball gown skirt. We used the lace from mom’s wedding dress on the waistline of the skirt to make the transition from the lace bodice of the jumpsuit into the skirt look seamless.

“I ended up wanting a custom made outfit not only because I wanted to use the lace from my mom’s dress, but because I was struggling to find options that really worked for me and my gender fluidity. Everything was too one end of the binary or the other, I didn’t want to buy two outfits, and I loved the idea of getting to use the lace from my mom’s dress. The convertible skirt/jumpsuit idea gave me an incredible opportunity to express myself fully, with a natural, elegant dress for the ceremony and a fun, clean-cut, dance-ready jumpsuit for the reception. I loved it! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to build something that really, truly felt like me.”  -Jen 

wedding jumpsuit with pockets
non binary wedding jumpsuit

Below left is a close up of the lace from Jen’s mothers dress, laid over silk organza, for a sheer back. On the right shows the hand sewn finished details of the inside of the jumpsuit. 

Lace wedding jumpsuit back
lace bodice

Jen and Molly Recapture Their Wedding Day 


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“People had a great time. It was amazing and mind blowing, 

it all came together beautifully.” -Jen and Molly

Eco conscious wedding
LGBT Jewish Wedding Ceremony
LGBTQ Wedding Vows

Jen and Molly were married at Woolman Hill, a Quaker Retreat Center in Deerfield, Massachusetts.  They began their wedding ceremony in song.

wedding jumpsuit with pockets
non binary wedding jumpsuit
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Custom made wedding jumpsuit
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Lace wedding jumpsuit back
lace bodice finishing details by Tara Lynn Bridal
Custom made wedding dress by Tara Lynn
eco friendly wedding dress by Tara Lynn
Lace back wedding dress by Tara Lynn
Custom natural fiber wedding dress by Tara Lynn
Jen dancing in Wedding Jumpsuit with lace back
Dancing in a custom made wedding jumpsuit

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“I will capture your spirit in a truly unique wedding dress & delight you with genuine customer service.”

– Tara Lynn