A Custom Made Wedding Dress With Hand Painted Flowers

Jessica searched the internet for something unique and personal.
Then she found Tara Lynn.

She ordered a custom made wedding dress with hand painted naked lady flowers and embroidered dragonflies.

Wedding Photography taken by Jessica’s sister Colleen Dubois.


A Custom Made Wedding Dress

A hemp silk floral jacquard was the canvas for hand-painted silk naked lady flowers and delicate embroidered dragonflies.  Jessica discovered that there were naked ladies growing along her property, blooming a week before the date they had chosen for their wedding. She wanted them to be a part of her special gown.

When Jessica began her search for a gown she was overwhelmed with numerous bridal shops filled with cookie cutter wedding dress designs.  It was different working with Tara Lynn, as she put together artistic ideas that truly suited what Jessica was looking for in her wedding dress. Jessica describes her experience as “amazing,” saying that Tara Lynn is a true artist.

One of Jessica’s most memorable moments was seeing the look on her father’s face when he saw her right before the ceremony.

A Custom Made Wedding

Jessica and Jake found their forever home, a farmhouse and barn located on the Connecticut river in Charlestown, New Hampshire. Built around the turn of the nineteenth century the farmhouse and barn needed a lot of work. They decided to go into a new business venture together and give this six-story barn a new purpose.

Jessica and Jake worked incredibly hard restoring their house and barn for their wedding. They couldn’t wait to share the beauty of it with others. Just about every aspect of her wedding was custom to fit her taste, down to the cattails picked from the outside of her barn to add to the centerpieces.

The ceremony was held in their back yard right by the river. The view of the river is so clear that they got to wave hello to a paddle boarder making his way past while they said their vows.

The main floor of the barn, stretching at nearly 3,400 square feet is where the reception took place.  Decorated with cattails, naked ladies and sunflowers Jessica, Jake and family members found on their property, the barn set a warm and welcoming tone. While the barn no longer houses animals, hay and farming equipment, it still manages to display rustic character while feeling romantic and magical at the same time. Jessica and Jake wanted to get married in a unique place of their own, where their love felt palpable and where the walls had real meaning to them.

Jessica and Jake have opened up their barn to the public for weddings and other events. They are adding a bar and planning a space in the house for bridal parties to get ready. Couples will be able to get married in the barn, or along the river like Jessica and Jake did. This property is sure to make anyone’s wedding experience truly something special.

You can visit www.trapshire.com to see Jessica and Jake’s barn and start planning your wedding. They are located in Charlestown, New Hampshire just across the river from Bellows Falls, Vermont.

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“I will capture your spirit in a truly unique wedding dress & delight you with genuine customer service.”

– Tara Lynn