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Choose a hemp suit style, fabric, color and lining that suits you!

Choose the look for you! A made to order three piece hemp suit or something more casual like hemp pants, a vest and henley with rolled up sleeves. Tara Lynn offers custom tailored hemp suits, pants, vests, ties and bow ties too! LGBTQ friendly so don’t be shy if your looking for a custom fit suit.

Hemp Suit Collection


Tara Lynn designed 3 hemp suit styles inspired by what customers were looking for.

The Winokur Suit, featured in navy, is made of hemp and cotton. It is a British cut suit with two vents in the back of a slim fit jacket and slim leg. There are no pleats in the pants below the belt.

The Harrison Suit, featured in natural hemp and cotton tweed, is an American cut suit with a single vent in the center back and pleated pants below the belt. It is also available in a darker black/brown speckle. The groom is wearing a hemp and silk vest in forest green both lined in a vibrant retro paisley print. This hemp suit is available in other fabrics and colors. This customers suit was personalized with Celtic embroidered symbols in place of buttons on his jacket sleeves.

The Orion Suit, featured in 100% hemp herringbone, is an Italian style cut with no back vent and a wide leg pant with out pleats. This suit is available in other hemp fabrics and colors.

There are four shirts styles to choose from. The short sleeve button down, long sleeve button down, kaftan and henley. Not all styles are featured. Please contact Tara Lynn for additional photos and fabric swatches.

How to order your hemp suit:

  1. Contact Tara Lynn to make sure we can assure a timely delivery of your hemp suit. Call 802-467-9036.
  2. Order a custom designed suit or choose from our collection; The Orion, Harrison or Winokur Suit style.
  3. Select fabrics and colors of your choice. Tell Tara Lynn what you are looking for and she will mail you fabric swatches.
  4. You get to choose your lining fabric too! Tara Lynn will help you find a lining that fits your style and mood; polka dots, stripes, tie-dye prints, plaid, hot pink… you name it.
  5. We ship to you or you can come to Tara Lynn and enjoy a little vacation in Vermont between fittings. Lots of clients do.
  6. Once we approve your wedding date delivery Tara Lynn will request your measurements, photos, a signed contract and will send you payment information.
  7. Prices for made to order suits are listed below descriptions of suit styles, inquire within for custom suit prices. 

Winokur Suit

A British style fitted hemp suit, The Winokur Suit was named after the groom that first ordered it. We liked it so much we added it to our men’s collection. This three piece suit includes a vest, pants and fitted jacket. (Please inquire for alternative colors and fabrics; available in navy, black, brown, dove grey, and more. The Jacket comes complete with breast pocket and welt pockets as well as an inside pocket. There are two back vents and 4 buttons down the sleeves.The Vest pockets are real and the back of the vest is made of the same fabric as the front. It is lined in the same fabric as your jacket. The pants do not have pleats, have a slim fitted leg and back welt pockets with button tabs. Featured in photo Navy Hemp Suit and vest made of hemp and organic cotton twill with a rayon blend tiny polka dotted lining.
Tara Lynn will ship you currently available fabric options. Dry Clean Only
Prices: $2,500 for a standard size suit includes pant, vest and jacket
Sizes: Jacket- 40, 42, 44, 46, 48  / Pants- 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 / Vest – XS, S, M, L, XL
$3,000 for a custom size 3 piece suit includes fittings
$220 for long sleeve button down shirt.

Harrison Suit

Custom ordered by Rowan and later named The Harrison Suit, this hemp suit has a pleated pant and American style jacket. Customized for him we hand embroidered Celtic eternity knots, a symbol of love, onto the cuffs, back belt, and pockets.The Jacket comes complete with a breast pocket, welt pockets, center back vent and has an interesting belt detail across the back.The pants are pleated at the waist with a straight leg and welt back pockets with button tab.The vest pockets are real, the back is made of the same fabric as the front and it is lined to match your jacket. Rowan’s vest was made in hemp silk satin with the matte side (reverse side) out. The pockets were trimmed with the shiny side out. A simple detail that is not an additional charge. Please inquire to find out which vest colors are available. It depends on what our distributes are currently stocking, hemp silk colors come and go. This suit is made of hemp and organic cotton. Natural and Brown/Black Speckle are available in this fabric quality. Contact Tara Lynn for additional options like black, dove grey or blue. We will mail fabric swatches to you. Vest made of hemp/silk satin. Lined in paisley printed polyester fabric. You can choose a lining that suits your style. Dry Clean Only Prices: $2,200 for the Pant and Jacket in standard sizes
Standard Sizes: Jacket- 40, 42, 44, 46, 48  / Pants- 32, 34, 36, 38, 40
$2,500 for a 3 piece suit includes vest, pant, jacket in standard sizes
$3,000 for a 3 piece suit custom made to fit you, includes 3 fittings.
$325 for the vest, standard sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL
$750 for hemp pants with pleats sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and made to requested length.
$220 for long sleeve button down shirt

Orion Suit

This hemp suit is a casual, and comfortable choice. The pleat-free wide leg pants are cut in a moderately lower rise that cleverly accentuates the derriere. The shirt is tailored to a relaxed fit across the chest and abdomen. The model is wearing Orion with a hemp/rayon blend shirt with shell buttons, however fabrics of varying weights and colors are available. Chose from organic cottons, white, black and blue or hemp/cotton muslin. This is an Italian style cut, no back vent, loose fit and made in a light weight 100% hemp herringbone fabric it feels and behaves like linen. For the jacket, the groom can choose his lining from Tara Lynn’s collection of vintage fabrics or request a retro lining, plaid, stripped, bold or simple solids.

Prices: For Standard Sizes Jacket- 40, 42, 44, 46, 48  / Pants- 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 / Shirts – XS, S, M, L, XL
$145 – Short Sleeve Shirt
$220 – Long Sleeve Shirt
$550 – Wide Leg Pant
$750 – Casual Jacket
$1,520 – Full Suit (includes matching pant, jacket and long sleeve shirt)

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Bespoke Hemp Suit
Bespoke Hemp Suit
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Bespoke Hemp Suit
Bespoke Hemp Suit
Bespoke Hemp Suit

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