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unique wedding dresses by tara lynn bridal  unique wedding dresses by tara lynn bridal 

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Tara Lynn works with clients all over the US, Canada, and Europe. Schedule a consultation over the phone or in person and speak directly with Tara Lynn.  

In house we have dress samples for you to see, feel, and try on. Tara Lynn’s fashion house is full of fabrics, trims, sketches, and inspiration. Tara Lynn works with all natural fabrics like hemp blends, organic cotton, peace silks, and bamboo. She also uses remnants and vintage fabrics, vintage lace, and trim. Vermont life magazine described Tara Lynn’s Fashion House as “a tree house stuffed with magpie treasures.” 

Tara Lynn will send you a personal interview to find out more about you so she can design a dress that suits your personality and your body: a unique wedding dress just for you. 


Made-to-Order vs. Custom-Made Unique Wedding Dresses


Made-to-order Unique Wedding Dresses


All of our collection gowns are made-to-order.  This means you can modify or personalize any of the wedding dress styles. You can order dresses in a standard size 2-12 or a custom size for an additional fee. All of the made-to-order wedding dresses are cut to length.

You can request style modifications of all kinds including special fabric requests, trim options, and neckline and silhouette changes. If you order modifications and a custom size, Tara Lynn can ship you a fitting; or, if you like to travel, we highly recommend coming to Vermont for a fitting. It is truly a mini-vacation before your wedding. Tara Lynn Collection prices range from $1,000 – $12,000.


Unique Custom-made Wedding Dresses


A custom wedding dress includes your consultation, reviewing sketches, choosing fabrics, your custom pattern, fittings, and a fabulously fitted, finished dress. When you order a custom dress it is a fun process and you work one-on-one with Tara Lynn through the entire process of making your wedding dress.

First Tara Lynn wants to know more about you including photos of you and your partner. This helps her wrap her head around your personality and style. Then she can start to sketch dresses and style options for you. She will provide fabric options based on your requests and her recommendations.

Then the pattern making process begins. Sometimes Tara Lynn will drape a design. During the fitting Tara Lynn wants to be sure you love the fit, style, and the way you feel in your dress. Clients find that coming to Vermont for fittings is like a mini vacation as they take time to enjoy the scenery and play outside between fittings.  

Most fit samples are made in the dress fabrics as it is important to see how the fabric drapes. A final fitting involves hemming–and this is where the shoes come in! Brides start looking at jewelry and hair and pulling the entire look together.

When you order a custom-made wedding dress, Tara Lynn will set up a private client portal with a unique login and password where you can view images of your wedding dress in development and share them with friends and family. 

A custom wedding dress starts at $6,000. Specialty fabrics, embellishments, lace, embroidery, and dress design variations all determine the cost.

When contacting Tara Lynn for one of our unique wedding dresses, please advise your wedding date, styles you are considering, and your budget so Tara Lynn can plan for you accordingly.  

Because of the nature of what we do and how personalized our pieces are we accept  a limited number of orders each year so please be sure to book your order in advance, 1 year to 6 months is preferred depending on the season.  

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Contact Tara Lynn directly for a brochure and business card. We are  happy to include fabric swatches at your request.
Call 802-467-9036.



“I look forward to hearing more about your wedding plans!”
– Tara Lynn


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